Frequently asked questions and our typical answers

During our normal opening hours, you can buy an access pass for 1, 2, or 4 hours, and get ready to start, together with the other riders on the cable. This is how most people start, and you can easily book an appointment through our online booking system.
Alternatively, you can book a place on one of our intro courses. You will start in the morning before we open the cable for regular operations. Of course, during the intro courses, we have a little better opportunity to help you get off to a good start, and also run at a slightly lower speed on the cable. The price for the introductory course is 500,- per person, ALL inclusive, and as there is a limit on the number of participants, it is necessary to book in advance.

No, attending an intro course is not a must. But for children and the family audience, the intro course is the optimal place to start.
The courses start just before normal opening hours, where we only have beginners on the track and therefore can run at a slower speed.
You can see an overview of the intro courses and book directly on this page. The price for the 2 hours incl. complete beginner equipment is 500,- per person.

No, to make the course as beginner-friendly as possible, we run with a reduced speed, every day until 15:00. Of course, this means that it can be an advantage for beginners to arrive early during the day. You can see our opening hours here.

Of course, we are least busy on weekdays outside the summer holidays.
The warmer it is and the less windy it is, the more guests we have (and the longer you have to queue).
Rainy days are the best bet for a good time. The crowds are few and far between, and you’ll get wet anyway.

Yes. Since the 2022 season, we have implemented an online booking system.
It is also possible for groups to rent the pitch on their own, before or after normal opening hours (8 – 24 people).

Basically, all you need is a swimsuit (which most people prefer under their wetsuit) and a towel.
You can rent a wetsuit, as well as the obligatory helmet and life jacket.
We also rent both beginner equipment and wakeboards with boots and without fins for you to use on the park’s features.

In most parts of the cable, you can reach the bottom. For an adult, it is about hip-deep.
Behind the jumps, and after the start, it has been deepened so that you don’t hit the bottom if you fall.

In connection with the containment of the facility in 2020, we supplemented our full-size facility with a small 2-masted beginner course.
We mainly use the course for teaching beginners when there is a lot of congestion on the big cable during the busy summer months. Furthermore, we use the small cable for school classes and rent it out to kite schools.

Rain and cold are not an issue. But if it’s really windy, it can be a problem.
In north-westerly wind directions, at wind speeds of approximately 12 m/s, we may have problems loading the lines, resulting in reduced capacity.
See the current live images from our webcams on this page.